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The Nutrition Wizard: Know What You Eat
of $15,000
Ended: 11/6/2016
Have you found yourself finishing a delicious salad and thinking, “I wonder how many calories were in that?” Wouldn’t it be cool if you could take out your phone, type or dictate the ingredients into it, and learn the answer then and there? Well now you can!
“I truly believe that technology has the power to change lives and if used in the right way, we will make the world a better place.”
Victor Penev
Founder + CEO
Austin's Underdawgs
Hot "Dawgs" with a Heart
of $25,000
Ended: 11/24/2016
Austin's Underdawgs is preparing for the “Underdawgs Tour 2017”: traveling across the country “selling” our delicious Dawgs to raise money for charity and – most importantly – to raise awareness for people with all types of disabilities. Please help us to purchase a new vehicle and equip it for mobile food vending! After the tour, this vehicle will continue life as the Austin’s Underdawgs food truck.
“I want to help people like me with disabilities to have a job like me and live on their own with responsibilities.”
Austin Underwood
Not Ketchup
So Long, Sugar!
of $15,000
Ended: 11/1/2016
We're adding to our popular line of Not Ketchup sauces with a new line of *NO ADDED SUGAR* flavors, sweetened with real fruit. Help us bring our delicious, healthy condiments to kitchens across America!
“Diabetes forced me to change the way I eat. Now it's changing my business, too.”
Erika Kerekes
Founder + CEO
Nutshell Co.
Fresh. Nutritious. Delicious.
of $15,000
Ended: 3/17/2017
Whether our marathons are run on the road or watched from the couch, we all want to eat food that will make us feel good. While some of us will happily sacrifice taste for nutrition, the best way to eat well is for nutritious food to taste good. Nutshell uses many of nature's most beneficial ingredients - nuts, fruits, seeds, and quinoa - to create a snack that can be enjoyed by everyone. We simply strive to make eating in a healthier way more enjoyable by offering a snack that keeps you full, keeps you energized, and keeps you coming back for more!
“Nutritious and Delicious don't have to be mutually exclusive - it's all about balance”
Will D'Agostino
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