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Steiner's Coffee Cake of New York #easytoeat
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Steiner's Coffee Cake is dedicated to a single goal: make exceptional sweet baked goods that anyone can eat. Our reason for being is to take the gluten out of baking sweet goods without sacrificing taste, texture or ingredients. When we bake, everyBODY eats.
“June 13, 2018 Amazon Review Kenneth T. “This is the most delicious coffee cake I have ever tasted!!! I can NOT believe it is gluten free because it is moist, fluffy and simply delicious!!!” ”
Jennifer Steiner Pool
PieShell + OurHarvest
HELP The Former Pilotworks Members!
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Pilotworks, a membership-based, shared kitchen space company headquartered in the old Pfizer building in Brooklyn, and utilized by 175+ independent, food entrepreneurs throughout the US, suddenly shut down their operations - without advance notice - on October 13, 2018 at 6 pm ET.
“I started PieShell to help amazing food + beverage entrepreneurs, and this project epitomizes that. The community is here to help, and we are so proud to be a part of it!”
Cheryl Clements
Founder + CEO
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PieShell is a crowdfunding site for food + beverage entrepreneurs. Big or small, restaurant or truck, fresh or packaged, app or website, sparkling or still, you’ll find people here who share your passions and can help get your project onto the front burner. What makes us different?
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