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"The Healing Water" from the Andes Mountains of Ecuador
of $10,000
21 days left
We are bringing "the healing water" to the US for the first time! It is a delicious herbal infusion drink that has been consumed for centuries in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador. We will be helping independent Ecuadorian farmers improve their quality of life, and helping preserve the tradition of creating "the healing water."
“We want to share this amazing tradition with the world, and make a real impact on the lives of Ecuadorian independent farmers.”
Juan Giraldo
CEO + Co-Founder
Neale's Sweet n Nice
Yummy Caribbean Ice Cream!
of $8,350
21 days left
Neale's Sweet n Nice ice cream was first started by our Grandpa Charles A. Neale in Trinidad back in the 1940's. Grandpa created his own ice cream recipes that combined all-natural yumminess and Caribbean goodness to create a delicious treat for locals. He successfully ran Neale's Sweet n Nice ice cream as a small business for more than 30 years before retiring. Nowadays, most of Grandpa's family (12 children, 52 grandchildren, and heaven only knows how many great-grandchildren!) live in Canada and the US, and when we get together we still enjoy the delicious ice cream recipes that Grandpa created. We want to share Grandpa's ice cream with you so that you can enjoy it too, and you'll soon be saying, just like Grandpa did, "Mmm... yummy Sweet n Nice!"
“Life is about those enjoyable moments, and our ice cream is all about enjoyment - down to the very last spoonful!”
Andrew McBarnett
Co-founder + Chief Taste Tester
Punch'd Energy
Last Chance for Punch’d Exclusives!
of $7,500
Ended: 7/13/2017
Punch’d Energy is the 100% All Natural replacement for the over-sugarfied, junky and syrupy energy drinks, lousy tasting energy shots and chemically derived sodas. Find yourself staring at a blue and pink whipped cream latte? Why would you do that to yourself?! Taste the clean green superfruit power of Punch’d Energy and Be Your Best Possible Self!
“So many of the products we consume today are made with questionable, and sometimes bad, ingredients. Punch’d Energy is changing that. Starting with raw, unroasted, powerful green coffee fruit we’ve created a great tasting and healthier way to power up, with all the inherent health benefits.”
John Pinelli
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