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Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch
Macro the Micro Ranch!
44% successful!
23 days left
MACRO the MICRO RANCH! Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch is Colorado's first and only edible insect farm and we need another micro ranch to raise more crickets and mealworms to meet skyrocketing sales demand!
“Edible insects are delicious, nutritious and a climate-smart way to get nutrition-packed protein. Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch can’t keep up with demand and we need to Macro the Micro Ranch!”
Wendy Lu McGill
Finger Licking Dutch
Bring Stroopwafels To America!
41% successful!
9 days left
Join us in supporting FInger Licking Dutch, as we bring delicious and authentic Dutch Stroopwafels to the U.S. You'll get them before anyone else - plus, you'll help us make some school kids smile along the way!
“Introducing The Stroopwafel to the U.S....watch out, they are irresistible and addictive!”
Femke Veelenturf
Chief Stroop Officer
PieShell + OurHarvest
HELP Pilotworks Members!
8% successful!
17 days left
Pilotworks, a membership-based, shared kitchen space company headquartered in the old Pfizer building in Brooklyn, and utilized by 175+ independent, food entrepreneurs, suddenly shut down their operations - without advance notice - on October 13, 2018 at 6 pm ET.
“I started PieShell to help amazing food + beverage entrepreneurs, and this project epitomizes that. The community is here to help, and we are so proud to be a part of it!”
Cheryl Clements
Founder + CEO
Life-Changing Baked Goods!
139% successful!
17 days left
Baking helped Janie find hope after she struggled with addiction as a young adult. Three years ago, she launched a business which has since blossomed and she is dedicated to working with shelters + rehabs to help others with the same affliction. With growth comes the need to scale up! Let's help Janie's get more kitchen time and a second pair of hands so she can continue to change lives with her delicious baked goods!
“'The Pie Crust Cookie could be the next Cronut!' - a panel of industry experts”
Janie Deegan
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PieShell is a crowdfunding site for food + beverage entrepreneurs. Big or small, restaurant or truck, fresh or packaged, app or website, sparkling or still, you’ll find people here who share your passions and can help get your project onto the front burner. What makes us different?
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