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PieShell + OurHarvest
HELP The Former Pilotworks Members!
359% successful!
Steiner's Coffee Cake of New York #easytoeat
Packaging Upgrade
199% successful!
Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch
Macro the Micro Ranch!
105% successful!
Life-Changing Baked Goods!
200% successful!
Finger Licking Dutch
Bring Stroopwafels To America!
102% successful!
Pizootz Peanuts
Help us launch the Inferno Peanut!
101% successful!
Té Amo
Help our tea business build a Haitian tree nursery!
114% successful!
Dr. Cowan's Garden
Launch Dr. Cowan's Garden into Retail!!
157% successful!
Beyond Broth
OG Vegan “Boneless” Broth with Wellness Herbs
101% successful!
Green Garden Bakery
Kitchen Renovations
173% successful!
Kindness is DOUGHP: A Road Trip Sharing Kindness & Cookie Dough
100% successful!
The Girl Pow! Project: A Plant-Based Sprinkle for Superhero(in)es
100% successful!
Birch Boys Chaga
One SERIOUSLY Magic Mushroom!
113% successful!
A Natural Soda!
200% successful!
Beyond The Shoreline
Kelp Jerky: The Perfect Plant-Based Snack
273% successful!
"The Healing Water" from the Andes Mountains of Ecuador
101% successful!
Neale's Sweet n Nice
Yummy Caribbean Ice Cream!
213% successful!
Punch'd Energy
Last Chance for Punch’d Exclusives!
108% successful!
Blue Barn Kitchen Bars
Nutritious and Delicious Gastro-Friendly Snack Bars
160% successful!
Scale Your Food Business - or Perish: Online Courses
200% successful!
Nutshell Co.
Fresh. Nutritious. Delicious.
210% successful!
Creations By Cameca
CBC Sweet Boutique: Small Batch, Big Flavor!
402% successful!
The Cookie Cups
With Your Help, Our Storefront Awaits!
101% successful!
Austin's Underdawgs
Hot "Dawgs" with a Heart
100% successful!
Screamin' Onionz
Ready, Set – GROW!
105% successful!
The Nutrition Wizard: Know What You Eat
158% successful!
Not Ketchup
So Long, Sugar!
300% successful!