Please help us get an amazing new vehicle on the road to raise money and awareness for people with all types of disabilities!

Follow your dreams – Austin did!

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About this project

Austin has always dreamt of being a chef, but it hasn’t been an easy journey. After a tireless search for a vocational school that would accommodate Austin’s needs, he was able to learn the skills to become a certified prep chef. Since then, he has successfully held a variety of positions in the restaurant industry. With help from his family (aka his Mom), Austin’s Underdawgs launched in April 2016 selling “Dawgs” – hot dogs – and became an overnight success! “Donations for Dawgs” sees people making a minimum $5 donation for a Dawg, with portions of the proceeds go to The Each & Everyone Foundation and other participating charities. Austin now regularly books 4-6 functions a week, and enjoys widespread support from the local community.

In July 2016, Austin’s Underdawgs had the pleasure of serving Dawgs to a group of cyclists biking across the country from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C. The group, all members of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternal organization, were riding in the Journey of Hope 2016 tour. Since 1987, 3 groups of 36 cyclists have crossed the country, raising awareness and funds for people with disabilities. When they stopped in Fort Worth, Texas, who was the best fit for serving their lunch? Austin’s Underdawgs, of course! An instant bond was created, and Austin now has a new challenge for 2017.

Austin’s Underdawgs is embarking on the “Underdawgs Tour 2017”: “selling” his hot dogs for donations, 50% of which Austin will give back to charities supporting people with disabilities!

The Underdawgs Tour 2017 will have Austin’s Underdawgs traveling a southern route, similar to the cyclists in support of local groups that emphasize the needs of people with disabilities. A minimum $5 donations will be accepted in return for a Dawg served up by Austin himself. It is proposed that each event will last 1-2 hours, serving an estimated 100+ hot dogs per event. Portions of the proceeds from the donations will be divided between local organizations and Austin’s favorite charity, The Each & Everyone Foundation.

All of the people we meet on the Underdawgs Tour 2017 will help spread Austin’s message: with a little support and training, anyone can become a successful member of their community. Additionally, The Each & Everyone Foundation will remain committed to these newly-established relationships with the tour route support organizations to encourage, develop, plan, fund, and execute vocational needs for persons with disabilities.

In order to make this dream a reality, Austin’s Underdawgs needs your help to purchase and equip an appropriate vehicle. Our dream ride for this tour is a RV Toy Hauler, which will be converted to accommodate our Dawg cooking. Toy Hauler even has a 7ft covered patio for guests to sit and enjoy their “Dawgs”!.

We are so excited to start this journey, and knowing that you helped make it happen will be amazing!

Learn more about us:
1st stepping-stone
New Wheels!

Reaching this goal will provide the down payment for our new tour vehicle, a 29 foot Toy Hauler-Recreational Vehicle with a fold out patio. This vehicle allows the driver and 3 passengers to travel safely while transporting the non-perishable items needed for service at each stop. Austin and Jan will be able to continue networking with the event groups and prepare for each service while en route to the next destination.

Thanks so much for helping us reach this stepping-stone!
2nd stepping-stone
Customizing Our Ride

When we reach this level, we will be able to upgrade the vehicle’s interior! The rear portion will be modified to meet both the needs of Austin’s Underdawgs and the national standards for mobile food vendors. The bed will be removed, and the area retrofitted as the food preparation area complete with hot dog rollers, steamers, a refrigerator, inside serving counter, and a curbside service window. Additionally, the kitchen will get a hand washing sink and three standard sinks for the washing, sanitizing, and rinsing of utensils and pans.

3rd stepping-stone
The Finishing Touches

Reaching this final goal will allow us to purchase and apply the custom wrap on the vehicle, and will cover the marketing budget for the Underdawgs Tour 2017 and a portion of the travel expenses. We will also produce flyers, hand-out menus, and signage for special events. Fulfilling this project allows Austin’s Underdawgs to increase their travel, pour more money into organizations supporting those with limited abilities and best of all, giving hope and smiles to families in need of support……Austin’s way!

Who is Austin's Underdawgs
Austin Underwood

Austin is 38, but he looks and acts more like a bouncy 21-year-old. He was born with Down Syndrome, and because of this, he is unable to do things like read or drive a car. But, Austin can cook, and he loves doing it! It all started with Austin’s late grandmother, Maw, who taught Austin to make banana pudding using her special recipe. Austin not only succeeded in making it, he even turned it into a menu item in some local Fort Worth restaurants!

Austin attended the Special Services Occupational Training Program at Eastern New Mexico University - Roswell. Since graduating with certification as a prep chef, Austin has successfully worked in several restaurants. Now he’s the President of Austin’s Underdawgs!

Austin’s perseverance has been a key factor in his success. He will tackle the Underdawgs Tour 2017 with that same commitment he exhibits in running his Austin’s Underdawgs business, all while bringing smiles and great Dawgs to everyone he encounters!

Jan Underwood
Founder + CEO

Jan Underwood, Austin’s Mom, founded Austin’s Underdawgs to help her son fulfill his dream of becoming a chef and restaurant owner. Since he was a child, Jan has always pushed to ensure Austin participated and enjoyed a full life; the idea of anything less was not an option. Austin has always wanted to participate in society in the ways that most people do, and this pushed Jan to work even harder for her son.

Austin always wanted to work and be as independent as possible, and Jan knew that a job for Austin would only be possible through specialized training. Jan set about finding this for her son; after a long search, she found the Special Services Occupational Training Program at Eastern New Mexico University - Roswell. Since graduating with certification as a prep chef, Austin worked in several restaurants, but the longing to be his own boss in the restaurant business kept Jan constantly thinking of how this could be achieved. And that’s how the idea of a hot dog food truck was born, and with some lively input from the entire family, was appropriately named, “Austin’s Underdawgs.”

Jan’s advocacy for her son has benefited many others as she helped develop the first group homes, summer camps, after school care, Montessori classes, and inclusion into regular sports for people with intellectual disabilities. In her own words, “I figured, when you help one, you might as well help everyone. It serves little purpose to tackle these issues on a small scale.”

Through the Underdawgs Tour 2017, Jan hopes to bring more resources to The Each & Everyone Foundation, which develops vocational training for people like Austin. In 2017, The Each & Everyone Foundation plans to renovate an old family grocery store, where students will then be able to do hands-on learning in foodservice, bookkeeping, marketing, retail, cooking, lawn and maintenance, and agriculture.

Your Gifts for Contributing
Contribution of $25 or more
Taste our Dawg Sauce!

We know we aren’t your typical pre-sale project, but it is still important for us to give you a little something as a thank you for supporting such an amazing cause! If you contribute in this range we will send you a jar of Austin’s infamous Dawg Sauce – Raspberry Chipotle Barbeque Sauce. You also get a digital cookbook, “Be Daring with Dawg Sauce,” a must-have guide to cooking Austin’s creations.

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Contribution of $100 or more
A Massive Amount of Dawg Goodies!

Contributing anywhere in this range to our cause will mean the world to us, and so as a token of our immense gratitude, we’ll load you up with all of the Underdawg gear, including an assortment of Austin’s private label Dawg Sauces, mustards, organic ketchup, and an autographed copy of Austin’s cookbook, “Be Daring with Dawg Sauce.”

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Contribution of $1,000 or more
A Private Party!

We could never truly express our gratitude for a contribution at this level, but we want to try! Your generous gift will earn you and 50 of your Dawg-loving friends a private Austin’s Underdawgs party. We’ll travel anywhere within a 350-mile radius of Fort Worth, Texas to serve up the best Dawg-gone time you’ve ever had!

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