Beyond Broth…A Ritual for Daily Wellness!

Organic Vegan Goodness…Ready in 2 Minutes!

Your Gifts for Contributing
9 Packets of Broth + PDF of BB Cookbook!
36 Packets of Broth + BB Cookbook (hard copy)
72 Packets of Broth + BB Cookbook (hard copy)
Donate 1 Case of Broth to Charity
About this project

My Story

It was 4 a.m. I was a mother of 6 and laying sick in bed. I wanted my own soup. But who was going to make it for me? Beyond Broth was born 5 years ago out of a need for simple, organic, convenient, vegan broth when I wasn’t feeling well. Beyond Broth is an extension of everything I have done for 30 years supporting clients in self-care through nutrition, massage therapy, and yoga. As a health coach and personal chef, I had worked with people to improve their health. Beyond Broth was born in the moment when I so needed and wanted the nourishment that comes from organic vegetable broth.

Let’s face it…we are dying by our lifestyle choices. We all deserve to be well-nourished. Nothing fancy. Just wholesome food grown on this earth…plant based, sustainable and simple. I am asking for your support in creating vitality and health for all - one packet at a time! Thank you!

My Mantra: Everyone deserves to be well-nourished…anytime, anywhere!

Why Are We Crowdfunding?

We want to spread awareness about Beyond Broth and increase our online sales so we can help more people achieve better health and nutrition! We’re also hoping to create a new variety pack. To accomplish these goals, we need to invest in various marketing campaigns and packaging costs. We invite you to join us in our mission by contributing to our campaign. We have many gifts to offer in return depending on your contribution level.


  • $25: 3 variety packs of broth (9 packets total) + a downloadable cookbook PDF
  • $75: 2 variety boxes of 18 packets (36 packets total) + a hard copy of our cookbook
  • $150: 4 variety boxes of 18 packets (72 packets total) + a hard copy of our cookbook
  • $250: This reward level will donate 1 full case of Beyond Broth (108 packets) to one of the following charities: There with Care ( or Emergency Family Assistance Association (

What is Beyond Broth?

Beyond Broth is an instant, organic and vegan wellness broth that is nourishment on-the-go! It is designed for people who won’t sacrifice their nutrition while living in our crazy, fast-paced world. Our broth comes in 3 varieties: Immune, Vitality and Yummy Tummy and come in single-serve packets with a 2-year shelf life.

How Will Beyond Broth Impact My Health?

Our delicious, satisfying broth contains vegetables and herbs such as Reishi mushrooms, nettles and turmeric that aid in collagen production, are both mineralizing and alkalizing, plus contain phytonutrients that support the immune system. They help bring balance to the consumption of acidic rich foods like coffee, sugar and meat which have been shown to be linked to digestive/gut issues, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, skin ailments, obesity, etc.

Our Customers Are:

  • Moms who need quick and healthy options
  • College kids looking for an in-between class snack
  • Anyone on-the-go who needs a 2-minute meal
  • Those looking to lose weight or support a cleanse
  • People who care about what they put into their body for optimum wellness and vitality and want their families to be healthy, too
  • Folks who want more whole foods and use herbal remedies
  • People who care about the planet and sustainability
  • Anyone looking for a coffee or tea substitute


  • With the huge wave of broths trending, we mainly see bone broths, bouillon, cooking broths, sipping broths and a couple of vegan broths in septic containers or powders
  • Existing options are high in sodium, contain preservatives and are perishable - They are inconvenient for travel…no single serve packets
  • They do not target or support specific areas of wellness
  • They are using dissolving agents and soy products

Beyond Broth is disrupting the category as the only organic and instant vegan wellness broth!

Update! 7/2/2018

Learn more about us:
1st stepping-stone
Growing online

We want to blow up our online sales both on the web store and Amazon. To do this requires both social media marketing and Brand Ambassadors. The first stepping-stone is for marketing costs over the next 6 months which includes: $4000 for social media, $1500 for Amazon, and $2500 for in-store demos. This stepping-stone also covers the cost of PieShell and credit card processing fees which are $640.

Thanks so much for helping us reach this stepping-stone!
2nd stepping-stone
Ready for more growth!

Our second stepping-stone will be to further spread the word about Beyond Broth and increase our online presence. We need $5000 for sales assistance; $2500 for a coupon program and $2000 for our subscription service and affiliate program.PieShell and credit card processing fees are $760.

3rd stepping-stone
Variety, Variety!

Additionally, we are redesigning the packaging (both the pouches and the sleeves) to represent flavor call-outs for all varieties: Turmeric Reishi Immune, Rosemary Thyme Vitality & Ginger Basil Yummy Tummy; plus we are creating a Variety sleeve for our 18 pack box. The total for packaging design, sleeves, marketing and production costs: $7500; PieShell and processing fees are $600.

Who is Beyond Broth
Grace Ventura
CEO, Founder

I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor and Health & Life Coach for over 30 years - in addition to being a Mom of 6. My children are Tao, Jasper, Galadriel, Anjaneya, Surya and Satya (now 22-33 yrs old). I have taught many healthy vegetarian, vegan and raw foods classes as well as being a private chef. My passion is to support others in learning excellent self-care, loving one’s body and living with integrity with oneself, others and the planet. Grace’s Good Food is a culmination of the years of dedication to my personal journey and commitment to serve humanity in wellness, simple delicious nourishment and personal responsibility. You will often find me hiking, cycling, dancing, doing yoga, creating, cooking a yummy meal or playing with my 2 grandchildren…5 years and 8 months!

Jasper Sardonicus
Operations Wiz

Aside from being my amazing son, Jasper is an outgoing and hardworking individual who is eager to be challenged. He is extremely determined, self-motivated and self-disciplined. He offers the Beyond Broth team his knowledge of effective and efficient operational metrics, including sales forecasts, production planning, and cost benefit analysis. He tracks the operations of the website, inventory control, and operational systems.

Your Gifts for Contributing
Contribution of $25 or more
9 Packets of Broth + PDF of BB Cookbook!

You receive 3 of our variety 3-packs (9 packets total) plus a downloadable PDF of the Beyond Broth Cookbook! Broth includes all of our varieties: Immune, Vitality and Yummy Tummy.

30 contributors
Contribution of $75 or more
36 Packets of Broth + BB Cookbook (hard copy)

You will receive 2 of our variety boxes (36 packets total) plus our beautiful Beyond Broth spiral bound cookbook to create yummy recipes. Broth includes all three varieties including Immune, Vitality and Yummy Tummy.

31 contributors
Contribution of $150 or more
72 Packets of Broth + BB Cookbook (hard copy)

Receive 4 variety boxes (72 packets total) and the spiral-bound cookbook! You will receive all 3 varieties of our broth: Immune, Vitality and Yummy Tummy.

1 contributor
Contribution of $250 or more
Donate 1 Case of Broth to Charity

This reward level will donate 1 full case of Beyond Broth (108 packets) to one of the following charities:

There with Care: For Families and Children Facing Critical Illness -


EFAA (Emergency Family Assistance Association) in Boulder, Colorado who help families with basic needs (providing food and help with critical expenses, like rent, utilities, minor medical costs and transportation) -

8 contributors