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About this project

Cameca Bacchus first started Creations by Cameca in 2011 after years of working in the financial industry. She decided to follow her passion for baking, and started making custom cakes and desserts. However, as fun as custom cakes and desserts were, Cameca quickly realized that this was not a scalable business.

Additionally, balancing entrepreneurship and motherhood was becoming increasingly difficult. So much so, that Cameca decided to pour her heart and soul into perfecting a product that combined her love for sugar, creativity, and comfort, while not using artificial flavors or ingredients - and thus CBC Sweet Boutique was born!

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Our goal is to be the premier maker of gourmet artisanal candy. We want to create exotically flavored caramels, gummy bears, lollipops, and fruit drops. We’re pouring all of our energy into perfecting these petite treats, which are a delicious experience, an edible circus of imagination and delight! Wouldn’t you just love a Salt & White Pepper Caramel, Citrus Thyme Lollipop, or Pomegranate Pear Fruit Drop packed with flavor, but not all the junk? Us too! Our biggest challenge is being able to realize the full potential of our products with the money we have.

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And that is why we are reaching out to you - our supporters and backers. Currently, we are New York State-approved to produce our gourmet sweets at home. But we yearn to be bigger! Your contribution will help take production of our sweets from the Bacchus home to a commercial production kitchen, as well as providing resources for enhanced product development and marketing. Every dollar that you donate will bring us closer to our goal of providing you with yummy treats!

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1st stepping-stone
New Direction: R&D

Contributions received at this stage will allow for further small-batch testing for peak flavor and optimal consistency of CBC Sweet Boutique’s products. It will also help facilitate focus group testing to perfect our products before introducing them to the masses. We want to make sure that we do our due diligence in sourcing the best all-natural fruits, teas, and spices for our exotic treats. We know that it’s a tall order to please everyone, but we will certainly try our utmost!

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Small Batch, Large Scale!

Funding at this stage will provide for the rental of commercial kitchen space, wholesale and retail licensing, socially-responsible packaging, and regulation-compliant labeling for CBC Sweet Boutique products. We want to share our treats with everyone looking for exotic indulgences and we’re making grown-up candy, so we want to ensure that we’re following all of the required protocols for your health and safety.

Thanks so much for helping us reach this stepping-stone!
3rd stepping-stone
Tell Everyone!

Last but not least, we want to spread the word about our CBC Sweet Boutique products through targeted marketing efforts. We want everyone to know that we are offering innovative products with bold and creative flavor twists, made using only all-natural ingredients, flavors, and preservatives. Contributions at this level will help us place advertisements in local newspapers and magazines, as well as allowing for targeted social media ads: all to inform the masses of our amazing products!

Who is Creations By Cameca
Cameca Bacchus

I’m Cameca Bacchus, a West Indian native, working Mom, and now entrepreneur! Growing up, I always love baking sweet treats. So in 2010, I enrolled in the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City to study Pastry and Baking Arts. Upon graduating, I gravitated towards making customized cakes for special occasions.

However, after a few years of struggling to turn my cake venture into a sustainable business while having a young family to care for, it became apparent that I needed to adjust my business goals and directions.

So, I put pen to paper and thought about what I could create for the public that would tickle their palettes while not taking so much time away from my family. And the answer was easy - CANDY!

But not just any candy: our mission is to provide a candy line that is made with high-quality and all-natural ingredients, along with unique flavor components. Made with lots of love and none of the junk! Our goal is to launch a candy line with treats such as Salt & White Pepper Caramels, Green Tea Pomegranate Yummy Bears, and Lemon Thyme Lollipops!

This venture is a true labor of love, and your support is very much appreciated!

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Choose Your Sweet Sample!

We are so excited to launch our line of boutique candies - we just know that you’re going to love them! To help turn CBC Sweet Boutique into a reality, we need to produce enough small batches to finalize our flavor profiles and to ensure product consistency. Funders can choose to receive a CBC Sweet Boutique Gift Pack of either Sweet & Savory Caramels OR Tea Yummy Bears! You will also get a discount code to be used for a future order.

Shipping in the US only.

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Double The Fun!

Want to step it up a notch? Funders will receive a CBC Sweet Boutique Gift Pack of our two signature candy line items: Sweet & Savory Caramels AND Tea Yummy Bears. Share one with a friend, or indulge in both yourself! Additionally, you’ll receive a discount code for a future order, along with a glossy recipe card for inspirational candy making at home.

Shipping in the US only.

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Contribution of $75 or more
Taste Them All!

Contributors will receive a CBC Sweet Boutique Sample Pack including our FULL LINE of introductory boutique candies: Sweet & Savory Caramels, Tea Yummy Bears, Lollipops, AND Fruit Drops! They say that “sharing is caring,” but we won’t hold it against you if you keep them all for yourself! You will also be added to our VIP List, which includes the following benefits: a) authorization to suggest new candy flavors (and contributors who provide a winning flavor will receive a CBC Sweet Boutique Gift Pack!), b) a discount code to pre-order new flavors before public release, and c) seasonal candy recipes for inspirational candy making at home.

Shipping in the US only.

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