Help us take the leap and get this cookie dough bar on the road. The city with the most contributions will become a stop on our cookie dough tour! Watch the Founder, Kelsey, give you the low down…

Founder, Kelsey..she thinks you’re pretty doughp.

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About this project

DOUGHP is partnering with Kindness is Badass for a west-coast tour sharing our message of kindness and transporting people back to their childhood with a bite of our cookie dough. We’ll be making special stops along the way at addiction/rehab centers and high schools to meet with young people, share my own story of recovery from addiction (read more about my story below) and hand out some delicious dough.

To take this trip, we need an awesome food trailer - and that’s where you come in. In exchange for your support, we are offering some exciting gifts in return (see above!). Your contribution will help spread a message of hope to youth and people afflicted with addiction all along the West Coast!


We’re on a mission to get a food trailer (& a mini SUV to haul it!), deck it out for DOUGHP & Kindness is Badass, and load it up with cookie dough! We’ll travel down the west coast - hitting LA, taking it through the desert to Phoenix, crossing into the great state of Texas, then ending our trip in Austin! We’ll pop-up at different food festivals & food parks, and we will organize some collaborations/events with some other local food businesses along the route! Plus, the special stops along the way at addiction/rehab centers and high schools to meet with young people, share my story and hand out some delicious dough.

BONUS: If you help make this road trip a reality, we’ll be on the road through September/October and I’ll be celebrating three years sober on September 14th! That’ll be one amazing way to celebrate such a cool milestone. I’ll be poppin’ a bottle of sparkling apple cider for sure! ;)



In exchange for your support, I wanted to offer things that really bring you in as a part of the DOUGHP Squad and have a longer lasting value that just some simple freebies. Think you have the next great cookie dough flavor, for example?! This is your chance to join our flavor R&D team! Here are some other cool benefits of helping this campaign take off…


By helping to make this road trip a reality, you put your city on the map for a DOUGHP pop-up event! The city which donates the most to the campaign will become a stop on the trip! We’ll update this page with a city leaderboard as the contributions start comin’ in! Plus: after the roadtrip, that trailer will make a permanent home in whichever city shows the most cookie dough love on our journey!


Even before this trip, philanthropy has been an important part of my mission with DOUGHP. All of our dough is produced by a non-profit co-packer, The Bread Project. They employ low-income and disadvantaged individuals; teaching them skills for self-sufficiency and helping them find long-lasting careers. It feels great to give back. Since starting with them we’ve become one of their biggest customers, mixing up over 20,000 pounds of dough together! So cool!


Hey! I’m Kelsey – Founder and cookie dough enthusiast who opened up DOUGHP Cookie Dough (…it’s pretty “dope”) - a guilt-free, nostalgic, and ridiculously fun cookie dough experience - in San Francisco in April of 2017. By ditching the eggs and heat-treating the flour, your spoon (or face) can dive right into this cookie dough. Cookie dough by the scoop? That’s pretty crazy! But what’s really crazy? DOUGHP almost never happened.

This September will mark three years since I faced my alcoholism head-on and decided to get sober. Then, at - just 24-years-old, a lifetime of sobriety seemed impossible - and SO boring - but equally necessary. My first thoughts were “What will my friends think? Will they even still be my friends?”, “Can you even date sober?”, and “Champagne toast?! O-M-G. Now I can’t ever have a wedding!” These and many other concerns have most certainly been squashed. I can confirm: (1) You can still have friends, (2) You can date (BONUS: You get to remember your date’s name!), and (3) Your wedding toast can include Martinelli’s sparkling apple cider - total game changer.

After getting the alcohol out of my life, I returned to my passions. I started running again, got back into yoga - and most importantly - I started baking again. I have always loved desserts. Sugar > everything. What I love more than eating dessert myself is making something sweet for others. Watching people light up with their first bite - there’s nothing better than that.

Cookies have been a staple of mine (typically saving half the dough to eat raw and only baking the other half!) and after exploring vegan baking these past couple of years I found a stellar substitute for raw eggs. Being a part-time vegan, I began incorporating butter into these recipes, but left the eggs out. Voila! I landed on a recipe that didn’t require the rebellious risk of salmonella. I started thinking more people deserved to enjoy this amazing, nostalgic dessert. A fire was lit inside me, and I was hell bent on opening my own cookie dough bar in San Francisco.

Within a few months of the idea stirring, I’d quit my 10-year career in tech and thrown myself into this DOUGHP world I’d created. It’s grown tremendously in the last year and we recently opened up shop on San Francisco’s PIER 39! This would absolutely, undoubtedly, 100%, [insert other ‘FOR SURE’ synonym] not have been possible if I’d kept drinking. Getting sober gave me such a sense of self-awareness, provided the energy to fuel my ‘I can do anything!’ mindset, and introduced me to a support system needed to make DOUGHP what it is today.

I’m so grateful to have made the choice when I did, but I struggled with this for ~5-8 years before finally getting sober for good. What if I could have figured this out earlier? What if someone shared their journey - maybe so similar to mine - with me and I woke up and realized there was a better path? I want to be that light for someone else - so I’m asking for your help to spread my message on a cookie dough & kindness-filled road trip!

To do this - I’m partnering with Kindness is Badass, a non-profit reminding people that it’s cool to be kind and helping people feel Safe, Empowered, and Worthy through kindness; SEWing communities together one person at a time. Together, with your help, we’re going to build out a custom “Kindness is DOUGHP” food trailer and go down the West Coast to pop-up in different cities sharing our message of kindness and transporting people back to their childhood with a bite of our cookie dough. We’ll be making special stops along the way at addiction/rehab centers and high schools to meet with young people, share my story and hand out some delicious dough.

I’m ready to share my story with those who need to hear it most and spread some kindness, hugs, and cookie dough along the way. Thank you for letting me share this journey with you, I hope you’ll help me take my next journey and contribute to this “Kindness is DOUGHP” Road Trip - where I can show people that cookie dough is my kind of doughp.

Learn more about us:
1st stepping-stone
Getting the dough on the road!

We’re ready to get moving. This step gets us our decked-out DOUGHP trailer. It’ll be a kick-butt food trailer that’ll take our dough on the road.

We’ll be able to do a local tour of at least the Bay Area and Sacramento (shout-out to our Founder’s hometown - Sac Town)!

Thanks so much for helping us reach this stepping-stone!
2nd stepping-stone
LA, we're comin' for ya!

Now we’re cooking! (…err, not actually though ‘cause this dough is best enjoyed un-baked!) This step lets our journey travel down the coast of California and to LA.

The funds will cover labor, gas, and goods for stops in Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, and LA.

3rd stepping-stone
Get the cowboy hats ready...

The whole enchilada! This completes our trek and helps us get to our last stop - Austin, TX!

These funds get us labor, gas, and goods to hit up Palm Springs, Phoenix, and Austin - with a few more pop-ups along the way!

Kelsey Witherow
Founder, CEO

After 10 years in high tech, Kelsey ditched her career to follow her insatiable sweet tooth. She opened DOUGHP in early 2017 and hasn’t looked back since! She enjoys running, yoga, cookie dough (obvi), and moonlit strolls in the park.

Manny Moreno
Founder, Kindness Is Badass

Bueno Bueno Y’all!

My name is Manny Moreno, and kind people are my kinda people! Sparked Kindness Is Badass in 2016 to empower youth, and now everyone to be more kind and compassionate. Our mission is to make kindness so badass that everyone wants to be kind! It already is, but people need to be reminded and that is our plan for this “DOUGHP” road trip!

As once a bullied kid, then a bully…I learned the negative effects of both extremes. I do not want anymore kiddos to suffer because they have not been shown how powerful…or BADASS…kindness is! I am who I am now because of the relentless and unconditional kindness shown to me by people, friends, and family! Now we are on a mission to give it back full circle, with more relentlessness, love, and DOUGHPness than ever before.

Hope to meet you on the road, share stories, spread kindness, all while satisfying our inner cookie monster!

Your Gifts for Contributing
Contribution of $25 or more
2 Tubs of DOUGHP to Your Door!

With this contribution, we’ll send you two 8 oz. tubs of our crazy-good cookie dough + some reaaaally doughp swag. This will include our classic chocolate chip (The Original) and our marshmallow-fluff madness (This S’more Is Hella Awesome).

All your friends are gonna be totes jelly. :)

23 contributors
Contribution of $50 or more
4 Tubs of DOUGHP to Your Door + MORE!

For $50, we’ll send you FOUR 8 oz. tubs of our crazy-good cookie dough + a DOUGHP t-shirt! This will include our classic chocolate chip (The Original), our marshmallow-fluff madness (This S’more Is Hella Awesome), and two seasonal flavors which have ranged from a lavender oatmeal dough to a peanut butter oreo cookie dough!

8 contributors
Contribution of $125 or more
Wall of Super Awesome People + 2 Tubs of DOUGHP!

You’ll receive 2 delish cookie dough tubs delivered to your door, BUT you’re blowin’ up to the next level! You’ll also get your name on our food trailer and will get to name a new cookie dough flavor!

Here you’ll be able to join our trip in spirit with your name inscribed on a wall of our trailer dedicated to stellar people like you who helped make this dream possible. Plus, your legacy will live on! The city that shows the most doughp love will have this trailer return permanently to dish out our dough at a food park in their town…with your beautiful name forever emblazoned on it! :)

What’s even more doughp? You’ll get to name an upcoming cookie dough flavor, which will be released at our PIER 39 store! Get creative, go wild, and have some fun!

5 contributors
Contribution of $250 or more
Join the Squad + Get Some DOUGHP!

You are the bomb dot com.

You’ll receive two delish tubs of dough to your door, slapping your name on our DOUGHP trailer, & the rights to name a new cookie dough flavor! Already pretty badass, AMIRITE?

With this level, you’ll also be invited to join our monthly flavor R&D meeting where we brainstorm all of the magical potential for our next DOUGHP flavor!

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