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Producing the most delicious protein chip possible

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About this project

Over a year ago, I wanted to break into healthy food production, particularly on-the-go protein snacks. I have always been an avid consumer of healthy foods, with protein bars and jerky stashed in desk drawers, gym bags, glove compartments, and stocked up in my kitchen. I know what my body can do, and how it feels when I give it the right fuel. I have more energy and stay more focused on the tasks at hand, but as I looked at my options, I realized there was a massive void on the light and savory side of things. Nothing was being produced that was new or amazing, and what was out there simply didn’t excite me. I saw the challenge to dive in and really get my hands around some concepts that I believed would change the way we thought about snacks that were loaded with protein and real ingredients.

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I see the organic, plant-based snack companies out there, and I am inspired to be part of a team that can truly help individuals reach their healthy lifestyle goals. I am on a mission to make iwon organics the largest protein snack company in the world, not just because I’m passionate about being successful in business, but because I’m someone who wants to change the way people feel about the foods that fuel their bodies.

Our project with PieShell is twofold as we feel the best way for iwon organics to grow is to share our protein chips with as many people as possible. We’re so confident in our chips that we’re asking you to help us get them into the hands of as many people as we can, as quickly as possible in order to share an actual healthy food that tastes amazing!

With your help, we will design specific sample packaging to outfit the perfect portion of our delicious protein chips, and then mail them to thousands of people across the country to create a wave of excitement and chatter about our incredible protein snack.

Our vision is to see it spread out to friends of friends of friends, getting our chips into the hands and lives of more people than we ever could have reached on our own in such a short period of time. Join us in creating on-the-go protein chips made from clean, organic ingredients, with labeling that’s easy to read and understand. Our chips not only give the body wholesome, protein-packed food, but have an unbeatable flavor.

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Help us continue to innovate and distribute the best tasting, organic protein chips on the market, and together we can change the way America snacks!

Learn more about us:

7,000 samples will be on their way!

1st stepping-stone
TWO Chips, TWO Chances to Fall in Love!

Help us send two - yes just two - sublimely delicious chips to at least 7,000 people! We know it will only take one taste to prove this is the very best protein chip ever made, but two bites, and they will absolutely fall in love! Or perhaps they will be kind enough to share. Phase One is to raise enough money to design and produce at least 7,000 outrageous little boxes! It can’t be some plain cardboard cube that gets lost amongst ads and bills. People will always form an opinion at first glance, so the initial appearance has to scream out taste and quality and ignite a burning desire to open it as fast as possible to uncover the tasty treasure inside.

Thanks so much for helping us reach this stepping-stone!
2nd stepping-stone
A Perfect Pair!

Once 7,000 sexy little boxes are lined up and waiting, we will need to delicately place two pristine, flavor-filled, protein-packed chips on a cloud of air within each box. After all, who wants to open up a box of crumbs? We need your help to cook up over 14,000 extra chips and wrap each pair in an airtight bubble to ensure maximum crunch and flavor. As this is not our usual packaging, this process will need to be run on extra manpower to individually guarantee each small shipment. This campaign is designed to create the ultimate two-bite experience, not once or twice, but over 7,000 times. One mistake can create a ripple of untapped potential. We have the staff already prepared, so please help us meet this Second Phase to share perfection with thousands.

3rd stepping-stone
Sharing is Caring!

We are now at the third and final funding piece to this puzzle, the shipping. 7,000 perfectly packaged protein chips are ready and waiting to be shared around the country. All they need is a stamp! Sending a letter may not seem like a pricey endeavor, but sending thousands of boxes really adds up. Help us finish this Third Phase in order to take this idea from a concept to an expertly crafted marketing initiative. We know that once every box has been opened and every chip enjoyed, we will have a mass number of new customers flooding our project with fresh funding and ideas to continue creating the largest healthy snack company in America.

Who is iwon organics
Mark Samuel

I may be a businessman, but I put my health first. I have started many different companies, and my true passion is living a healthy life and inspiring others to do the same. For this reason, it was natural for me to combine my love of fitness with my affinity for business. I now have a couple of businesses that are centered on wholesome living practices and physical wellbeing, and I can honestly say that I cannot see myself ever doing anything outside of my passion again.

Scotty Adams
Art Director

I honestly can’t remember a time where art, both physical and digital, did not play a major role in my life. I truly love what I do! When I met Mark a few years ago, I was drawn to his energy and passion, and knew we could do something great together. I joined the team, and haven’t looked back since! There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to be on board from the ground up. I understand the value of eating a certain way and putting good food into my body, so I choose to live with a healthy mentality about food. I love to go hiking and be outdoors whenever I can, and I know that to keep enjoying these activities and be an inspiration to my daughter, I must make health a priority. This allows me to continue doing the things I love. Working with iwon organics allows me to share this model for life with others through my art, on the website, and through all our digital marketing campaigns. I am proud to work with a team that is creating high-energy, positive, healthy products, and to be backing a brand that I am absolutely 100% aligned with. It’s not just the mission of iwon organics: it’s the excitement of seeing what we are able to do collectively over time in helping people actually want to eat healthier!

Nader Parvin
Customer Experience Director

I have worked with Mark in different companies for quite some time now. In fact, I’ve known him since we were in middle school. I trust his business practices, and know my work with him will fully express my passions in life. I am a strong believer in a flawless customer experience. This exchange is what makes me tick! I get unbelievable satisfaction in my life when I make people happy. I enjoy seeing them smile. When a customer leaves knowing I gave it my all to make certain they feel good about the situation, I know I have fulfilled my purpose for the day. Isn’t that what this is all about? Creating a relationship between the consumer and the brand? I actually find it troubling that all companies do not share this ideal. What matters most to me as a customer experience director is ensuring that people know who we are, what we believe in, and can feel safe with our brand. I feel this is reflected in all that we do. We produce organic snacks that are designed to be the healthiest and most enjoyable options out there! It’s all about positivity. Not just in the name, but in everything we do day-to-day, a whole customer experience, delivery satisfaction, and active marketing. It’s all connected, and my goal is to make sure that each person feels contentment with every single exchange.

Your Gifts for Contributing
Contribution of $35 or more
Salty Tier!

Pair your salty snack with a sweet shake!

Contributors at the initial level will receive:

1 Box of iwon organics Protein Chips
Sea Salt Flavor
That’s 8 x 1.5 oz bags of wholesome goodness to keep you crunching!


TWO different colored Smartshake On-the-Go Shaker Bottles
Patented as both bottle and snack organizer
12 oz – BPA Free – Dishwasher Safe

Shipping in the US only

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Contribution of $46 or more
Flavor Burst!

Flavor Burst Tier: Now your favorite snacks, a protein shake, and a meal can all be had on the go!

1 box of iwon organics Protein Chips Sea Salt Flavor = 8 x 1.5 oz bags


1 box of iwon organics Protein Chips Sriracha Flavor = 8 x 1.5 oz bags


1 Smartshake On-the-Go Shaker Bottle
Patented as both bottle and snack organizer
20 oz – BPA Free – Dishwasher Safe


ONE set of (3) High Quality, Reusable, Meal Prep Containers
BPA Free – Microwave Safe – Dishwasher Safe – Spill Proof

Shipping in the US only

14 contributors
Contribution of $76 or more
Snacking in Style!

2 Flavors of chips. Smartshake’s quality bottle, and bag to carry it all in style!

2 boxes of iwon organics Protein Chips in Sea Salt & Sriracha Flavors


1 Smartshake On-the-Go Shaker Bottle
Patented to be both bottle and snack organizer
20 oz – BPA Free – Dishwasher Safe


TWO sets of (3) High Quality, Reusable, Meal Prep Containers BPA Free - Microwave Safe - Dishwasher Safe - Spill Proof


Freezable Lunch Bag by PackIt: its cooling technology is built into the walls of the bag so you’ll never waste money on ice packs again. It’s perfect for school, work, the field - anywhere!

Shipping in the US only

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