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About this project

The Janie’s tagline is “life-changing baked goods” for good reason.  Beyond totally changing lives with my delicious treats, baking changed my life in a profound way.  In my early 20’s, my life was torn apart by addiction.  I found myself homeless, penniless, and phoneless (if you can even imagine!!).  As baking had always held a special place in my heart, it helped me once again find hope, strength and inspiration as I climbed out of the darkness of addiction.  

Before Thanksgiving 2015, fueled by the encouragement of my friends and acquaintances, I challenged myself to see if I could sell just 1 pie. I sold dozens! With those pies, Janie’s (formally Janie Bakes) was officially born and quickly proved that it was small but strong, and that just like me, it wouldn’t give up.  It has grown from a tiny business built in my kitchen to one selling to huge companies like Chase and Estee Lauder. 

Janie’s is the little entrepreneurship that could. Its organic growth over past three years led to my leap of faith a year ago to go full time with the company. Nothing initiates you into being a small business owner quite like becoming a baker, accountant, salesperson, marketing team, delivery person and so much more overnight—and nothing could have made it clearer to me that I need more cash flow.

Why Am I Crowdfunding?

I need employees! I need experts in marketing! I can only make so many Pie Crust Cookies with two hands. I have interest from drool-worthy buyers like Whole Foods, Columbia University, and West Elm, but without the funds to scale up, I am unable to provide them with the quantity of commercially-produced product that they need! Recently, I began producing in a commercial kitchen to grow beyond the restrictions associated with baking at home, but this comes with a steep price tag.  I can’t increase my revenue without producing in greater quantities, yet I long ago reached my production capacity! And so, I am unable to grow without the capital that will afford me more kitchen time and help.  

This is where you come in! I am raising money to help pay for more time in the kitchen, hire an extra pair of hands, and improve the packaging and marketing of my award-winning Pie Crust Cookies.  These stepping stones are extremely important as demand increases during the upcoming holiday season. So thank you in advance for your support!

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1st stepping-stone
More Kitchen Time!

Janie’s has been able to remain afloat for the past few years because overhead was low. Nevertheless, without producing from a commercial kitchen fulltime, Janie’s will be unable to expand. Moving to a commercial kitchen increases overhead by thousands of dollars a month, a bill that will be impossible to pay without significant increase in production. Happily, commercial-grade kitchen equipment will allow us to bake hundreds of cookies at a time (instead of just two dozen!) and to legally sell to retail stores and restaurants, many of whom are already requesting our products!

Along this journey, Janie’s has partnered with Hot Bread Kitchen, a company with values mirroring our own. Like me, its founder, Jessamyn Rodriguez, started Hot Bread Kitchen from her home; it has since expanded into an impressive complex in East Harlem: “In 2007 the baker founded Hot Bread Kitchen in East Harlem to teach low-income and immigrant women how to make bread” (Instyle Magazine). Over the next four years, as Hot Bread Kitchen grew, Jessamyn realized that many of the women wanted to open their own food businesses, thus HBK Incubates was born. It is a shared commercial kitchen space and business support program for startup food businesses. The growth and support that I have already seen from just a few months of being part of the HBK family is exponential. I am excited about the additional growth opportunities that will arise from our continued partnership.

Thanks so much for helping us reach this stepping-stone!
2nd stepping-stone
More Help!

During particularly busy weeks, I find myself taking meetings, responding to emails and calls, taking inventory, writing applications, creating marketing content, bookkeeping, issuing invoices, baking for hours at a time, and then packaging and delivering. Although I have been coping - with the help of my partner-in-crime, coffee - this is not sustainable, nor pleasurable. I need extra hands - someone to sell, someone to bookkeep, someone to deliver, and most importantly, someone to bake with me when orders are crazy or when I am off doing all of the other things.

Part of the Janie’s mission is to create employment opportunities for others, especially those who, like me, had blank space on their resumes, were deemed un-hireable, who are desperately in need of a second chance. Contributing to my campaign would allow me to pay for help as Janie’s continues to grow.

3rd stepping-stone
More Reach!

Professional and commercial-grade packaging is a very expensive investment. The legal components alone (net weight, shelf life, nutrition facts, ingredient statements, etc.) are time-consuming and expensive! Then to make sure packaging is beautiful, professional, and draws in the customer…well, for this you need experts in branding, packaging, AND design. (Are you sweating yet? I am!)

Once you have paid for all of that, A HUGE order of packaging is necessary to make the price reasonable; how can I sell Pie Crust Cookies to Whole Foods if the boxes alone cost $2 each? If I reach my first two funding goals, this is where the remainder of funds will be (wisely!) spent.

Who is Janie's
Janie Deegan

Baking brought a light into my life when I had no hope. I began to grow what would eventually become Janie Bakes (Now Janie’s Life Changing Baked Goods) from my tiny East Village apartment, where I acted as a building super. This apartment was the first place I called home after having spent much of my early twenties in and out of rehabilitation centers and halfway houses. On a whim one day, I spent $35 dollars on a cheap handheld mixer, which seemed like a huge splurge at the time. With this mixer I found joy in baking treats for friends, and quickly people were requesting baked goods for events. At a time when I had no self-love, seeing the looks on people’s faces when they devoured my treats slowly filled me with a pride that I had never before felt.

Building Janie’s combined a deep passion with goal-setting and follow-through, qualities I needed in order to feel full. Building a business from the ground up, on my own, with the support of a loving community, has given me a sense of strength that I never dreamed I could dare to feel. As someone who has been afforded a thousand second chances by loving strangers, I hope to someday be a second-chance employer and share my passion with women who are struggling to rise above the darkness that addiction and homelessness create.

I have all the tools I need for success but just need a little monetary help taking the next big steps necessary for growth. From the beginning, Janie’s has been a grassroots effort: my first hundreds of sales were through friends and word of mouth. I have developed an amazing community of followers in NYC who want to know me and want me to know them! My best experiences in the day to day operations of this business are not seeing my sales growth, the awards I win or the accolades that I get (although those feel pretty darn good); they are the connections that I am forming with individuals and communities. This is what keeps me fueled during exhausting hundred-hour work weeks. I am counting on you to keep that tradition going and help me reach my next business goals and continue to spread the word about this little business that could be HUGE.

Your Gifts for Contributing
Contribution of $80 or more
VIP Dessert Party Ticket + all previous gifts ($105 value!)

A selection of our fan-favorite cookies including the drool-worthy Pecan Pie Crust Cookies and our best-selling Half-Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies .*


1 ticket to a Janie’s VIP Dessert Party in NYC. This Party will be a night to remember featuring: - cakes, pies, cookies and unlimited amounts of ooey-gooey goodness - A build-your-own dessert bar - Dessert doggie bags - Brand new recipes that you will be the first to try!! - Plenty of Janie’s secret (but famous) off-the-menu focaccia and other hors d’oeuvres to soak up all that sugar

(TBD date Winter 2019. Add $50 to the contribution for each additional ticket desired).


A recipe and tips for the perfect pie crust.


A Janie’s reusable shopping bag. These beauties are eco-friendly AND made to fit a cake or pie box (FOLKS, this is a hard-to-find quality!!!!).

*This gift can be redeemed starting January 2019. Shipping in Continental U.S. only. If you’re in NYC and want to arrange pickup we will throw in some extra treats!

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Contribution of $500 or more
A Group Baking Lesson with Janie or Dessert Catering for a Special Event + more! ($650 value!)

Choice of:


The master baker and inventor herself will bring you and 7 friends the sweetest lesson. Janie will work with you to create and facilitate a dream baking or decorating class. This is the perfect activity for a children’s birthday party, baby shower or bachelorette party. Some ideas: Cake and matching sugar cookie decorating workshop, perfect pie or cake baking 101 class, holiday cookie baking extravaganza. You provide the location and Janie will bring all the necessary materials!



Janie will work with you to create the most beautiful and delicious dessert table for your event. Suggestions: Intimate wedding, themed birthday party or baby shower. (Up to $550 dollar value)

With either of those choices you will also get 1 Best Selling cookie box**, 1 reusable shopping bag, 1 VIP Dessert Party ticket, Perfect pie crust tips and tricks making the value of this gift over $650 dollars!!

*Class and dessert bar are only valid in the Tri-state area **This gift can be redeemed starting January 2019. Shipping in Continental U.S. only. If you’re in NYC and want to arrange pickup we will throw in some extra treats!

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