The Inferno Peanut

Bo talks about the Inferno

Your Gifts for Contributing
3 Bags of Inferno Peanuts + 3 Nibble Bags + Pizootz Mug (25% off MSRP)
5 Bags of Inferno Nuts + 9 Nibble Bags + Mug + Hand-written Thank-You (20% off MSRP)
17.25 oz. of the Inferno + 9 bags of other flavors + branded hat + Previous Tier (25% off MSRP)
Everything in Previous Tier + framed Alfred P. Pizootz memorabilia
About this project

The Pizootz Story

We have dedicated ourselves to the goal of making a nut for all humankind: the Pizootz peanut. Our peanuts are packed with flavor but without the problems that other flavored peanuts cause. Our process does not use powders or oils that create a sticky mess. How can we achieve this? How could we make a nut which overloads the senses but doesn't leave any debris behind? By infusing them with flavor at our lab in Portsmouth, Virginia.

However, some of our ideas go beyond the simple of goal of a peanut to unite all people. The Inferno Peanut isn't for everyone, but we know that there are people across America who crave a hotter, cleaner peanut.

I'm Bo Perry, and together with Sherry Pennington, we created Pizootz Peanuts. Pizootz combines the technology we invented - the infused peanut - with innovative storytelling. We didn't just invent a new type of snack; we also created the character of Alfred P. Pizootz, a globe-trotting inventor who eventually settled down on his passion: crafting the perfect peanut, capturing our drive for invention. 

Pizootz Peanuts

Sherry and I created Pizootz Peanuts as an alternative to preservative-packed and messy flavored peanuts. We have a passion for inventing a new type of snack which is environmentally sustainable as well as delicious. 

We've already created many great flavors, including Baja Taco, New York Dill Pickle, Habanero, Jalapeno, Blazing Buffalo, Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper, Sea Salt & Vinegar, Bay Spice and Sea Salt.

Pizootz Peanuts are made by a process which uses all-natural, GMO-free ingredients. The Inferno will include:

  • All natural peanuts grown in Virginia
  • Kosher salt
  • Jalapeño, Habanero, Carolina Reaper, and Ghost Peppers
  • Water

This is a group of simple ingredients that pack a powerful punch without relying on artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives to maintain the powder that coats the peanuts sold by most large companies. A Pizootz peanut looks visibly like a normal peanut with little to no residue, because our pressure and steam-based process infuses the flavor within the peanut itself. 

We don't only look out for the environment with our natural process, but we are also concerned with taking care of our community. For that reason, we donate a portion of all peanuts sold to the Multiple Sclerosis Society to help rid the world of MS. 

Why We Need Your Support

Pizootz has been able to get into some grocery stores, but they are cautious about what flavors they're willing to sell. Unfortunately they don't feel the same passion that Sherry and I feel about inventing interesting, new peanut varieties. Supporting this project will make the Inferno possible and allow Pizootz to continue to push the boundaries of the peanut world.

Reaching the first goal will help us get over the major hurdle of packaging, while the second will help us fund this first batch of peanuts. Reaching the third stepping stone will make the Inferno a long-term project, putting us in a better position to produce more unique flavors in the future. 

Thank you for your support!!

Learn more about us:
1st stepping-stone
Pouches for the Infernos

To ship our Inferno peanuts we need a pouch that can contain them. Meeting this first goal would fund the printing of new pouches, which requires the creation of new printing plates, as well as the materials for the multi-layered pouches. Once we’ve reached this goal, any subsequent run of the Inferno will be easier since we’ll already have the plates we need for printing.

Thanks so much for helping us reach this stepping-stone!
2nd stepping-stone
Fully Fund the Release of the Inferno

Reaching our second stepping-stone would let us fully fund our first run of the Inferno peanut, helping us from the purchasing of ingredients all the way to shipping the Inferno across the country.

3rd stepping-stone
New Cooker

Due to the intense heat of the Inferno, we need to clean our old cookers extensively to ensure we remove any residue. Getting a new cooker for the Inferno would let us speed up that process, wasting less water, as well as allowing us to make more Inferno peanuts!

Who is Pizootz Peanuts
Bo Perry

My name is Bo Perry and I’ve been many things in my life: a father, an inventor, an entrepreneur. One of my biggest accomplishments is starting America’s first dollar store chain, “Everything’s a Dollar.” We were successful, and I worked with a lot of great people, but eventually I moved onto newer and more exciting ventures.

One of the people I worked with in those early years was Sherry Pennington and one day she told me about an amazing new idea. She had been working with a former NASA rocket scientist who was an expert in pressurization and Sherry combined that knowledge with her expertise in Peanuts.

When I tried the infused peanut, I knew it was special: it had incredible flavor, lack of residue, simple ingredients, and was produced through interesting science. I dropped what I was doing to start Pizootz Peanuts. Since then, we’ve been working to perfect the process and share our infused peanuts with the world.

Your Gifts for Contributing
Contribution of $25 or more
3 Bags of Inferno Peanuts + 3 Nibble Bags + Pizootz Mug (25% off MSRP)

Be one of the first people to try the infused Inferno peanut, straight out of the labs of Alfred P. Pizootz! In November, you’ll receive a fiery package containing three 5.75 oz. bags of the Inferno peanut straight from our first batch!

We’ll also send you a selection of three 1.45 oz. nibble bags so you can try a couple of our other flavors.

Additionally, we’ll send you a Pizootz coffee mug fit for the finest coffee in the world.

13 contributors
Contribution of $50 or more
5 Bags of Inferno Nuts + 9 Nibble Bags + Mug + Hand-written Thank-You (20% off MSRP)

Get not one, not two, but five 5.75 oz. bags of infused Inferno peanuts!

Additionally, you’ll get nine 1.45 oz. nibble bags, giving you plenty of peanuts to try from our other varieties.

To let you known how thankful we are for your contribution to our project, I’ll send you a handwritten thank you with a Pizootz mug.

9 contributors
Contribution of $125 or more
17.25 oz. of the Inferno + 9 bags of other flavors + branded hat + Previous Tier (25% off MSRP)

Get everything from the previous tier, and more: 3 additional 5.75 oz bags of the Inferno and a 5.75 oz. bag of each of our other nine flavors.

We’ll also give you a Pizootz hat that will protect you from the sun the way our peanuts protect you from messy hands.

This is almost too many peanuts to handle, but you’ll still get everything from the previous tier!

5 contributors
Contribution of $250 or more
Everything in Previous Tier + framed Alfred P. Pizootz memorabilia

You’ll get everything from the previous tier and something special: a unique piece of memorabilia from the Mad Scientist, Alfred P. Pizootz. We’ll send you a certificate of excellence, thanking you for your contribution to the advancement of peanut technology. That’s not all - it will come in an 8.5” x 11” wooden frame.

4 contributors