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Not Ketchup
So Long, Sugar!
of $15,000
Ended: 11/1/2016
We reached all 3 of our stepping-stones. Thank you!
We're adding to our popular line of Not Ketchup sauces with a new line of *NO ADDED SUGAR* flavors, sweetened with real fruit. Help us bring our delicious, healthy condiments to kitchens across America!

I’m saying goodbye to added sugar and making Not Ketchup healthier and more delicious. Help me bring my gourmet sauces sweetened with real fruit to food lovers across the country!

It’s time to dip differently!

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About this project

We are a society of sugar-lovers. But over the past few years, mounting scientific research has proven that added sugar negatively impacts our health. I know from personal experience that what we eat has a profound effect on our health. I’m Erika Kerekes, a working mom and the creator of Not Ketchup all-natural fruit “ketchups.”

In August 2015, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Faced with the potential for health problems the rest of my life, I decided to make some big lifestyle changes – the first of which was getting rid of added sugar in my diet.

I have always made Not Ketchup, a line of gourmet dipping sauces, with high-quality ingredients such as real fruit, farm-fresh onions, pure apple cider vinegar, and savory spices. But they also include raw cane sugar — about the same amount as traditional ketchups, barbecue sauces, and condiments.

It’s time for that to change!

Your support will help me bring the first line of all-natural, ZERO-sugar-added fruit “ketchups” to consumers. The new Not Ketchup sauces will be sweetened only with real fruit: cherries, blueberries, dates, figs, tangerines, and apples. Absolutely no added sugar, and no artificial sweeteners or weird chemicals either.

Reaching my goal of $15,000 will allow me to work with my food team to turn my kitchen recipes into state-approved formulas, to support manufacturing, to design and print new labels for the new line, and to update my marketing materials such as my website and recipe cards. Check out the stepping-stones below for details.

With your help, I will be able to bring a delicious and healthier product to market for all of you to enjoy!

Learn more about us:

Here are the goals that you can help us reach – one step at a time – to remove the added sugars from all our flavors!

1st stepping-stone
New Direction, New Products

I currently make two flavors without added sugar: Tangerine Hatch Chile and Cherry Chipotle. I can’t wait to be able to offer my remaining flavors without added sugar: Smoky Date, Blueberry White Pepper, and Spiced Fig. To do this, we need to produce enough small batches to finalize the new flavor profiles and ensure consistency, hire a food chemist to turn recipes into manufacturing formulas, and get state-level formula approval for food safety.

Thanks so much for helping us reach this stepping-stone!
2nd stepping-stone
Ramp Up Production

This portion of funding will go toward designing and printing new labels to show that Not Ketchup is now made with zero sugar added. We’ll also update all of our printed and digital marketing materials, and begin factory production.

Thanks so much for helping us reach this stepping-stone!
3rd stepping-stone
Take It To The People

After production starts, we’re going to need a large-scale marketing effort to make sure that people know about Not Ketchup, and how they can use it to “dip differently” at home. Funding at this level will allow us to send samples to distributors, grocery buyers, and bloggers for review, as well us letting us conduct in-store demos and tastings.

Thanks so much for helping us reach this stepping-stone!
Who is Not Ketchup
Erika Kerekes
Founder + CEO

I’m Erika Kerekes, a working mom and the creator of Not Ketchup all-natural fruit “ketchups.” Since 2014, my unique grilling and dipping sauces have been sold at stores such as Whole Foods, and online via Amazon and my website.

The History of Not Ketchup

In June 2013 I took my boys cherry picking in the Leona Valley north of Los Angeles, just as we’d done annually many times before. But that year they went overboard and picked 30 pounds of cherries in 30 minutes. We came home and I made cherry pie, cherry cobbler, and cherry jam – so much jam that I grew to dislike it! I went to bed with 15 pounds of cherries still sitting on the kitchen counter. I woke up in the morning, rolled over, and thought “Huh – I wonder if you can make ketchup out of cherries?”

And that’s how Not Ketchup was born!

Not Ketchup sauces are small-batch, all-natural “ketchups” made out of other fruits instead of tomatoes. They taste like the fruits they’re made from - cherries, blueberries, dates, and figs – but they’re sweet and savory and tangy, just like traditional tomato ketchup. You can use Not Ketchup anywhere you’d use tomato ketchup or barbecue sauce: burgers, ribs, and fries, of course. However, Not Ketchup is also delicious on salmon, lamb, pork, chicken, tofu, and veggies.

I’ve never been as excited about any job or work project as I am about Not Ketchup. Every day is thrilling and energizing. Even when it’s frustrating, I am learning new things all the time. But the best part of creating and running Not Ketchup is hearing from my customers – because there’s nothing I like more in this world than feeding people. When foodies tell me they love Not Ketchup and put it on everything, I’m happy. When parents tell me their picky eaters are gobbling down their dinners because of my sauces, I’m thrilled. When strangers tell me Not Ketchup is the best sauce they’ve ever tasted, I’m ecstatic. And when my kids’ friends complain when I make spaghetti for dinner instead of something with Not Ketchup, I know I’m on the right track.

Thanks to all of you for helping me turn my dreams into delicious, healthy condiments!

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Receive 2 of our Not Ketchup - No Sugar Added full-size sampler packs each containing all 5 new flavors + 2 sets of glossy recipe cards (you’re guaranteed to have all these items by the holidays!) + we’ll send you our beautiful recipe ebooks as soon as they’re ready (we create new ones several times a year).

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