We took a deliciously crazy idea and turned it into a business! Try out Screamin’ Onionz, you will be screamin’ for more!


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About this project

What are Screamin’ Onionz?

Screamin’ Onionz are sliced onions slow-simmered in our own hot sauce to create a condiment that’s packed with flavor. Only Spanish onions, whole garlic, cherry peppers, and distilled vinegar go into Screamin’ Onionz – there’s no added sugar! Our company, “Aha! American Healthy Appetite,” is dedicated to making the most flavorful condiments using the best ingredients available, and keeping the number of ingredients to a minimum. Our main goal is to make the best product possible, and to put Screamin’ Onionz on every table!

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Where We Are Now

Since our launch in July 2015, we’ve enjoyed astounding local success from our homebase in Millbrook, New York. Every aspect of the business has been managed single-handedly by co-founder Richard Romano, who produces Screamin’ Onionz with a co-packer, delivers the product, stocks the shelves, handles merchandising, and hosts in-store tastings. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all anymore!

Where We Need to Be…

In order for us to grow, we need your help! We need to increase production, enhance our marketing efforts, and hire a team of Screamin’ Onionz ambassadors – primarily to support our new retail distributor and expansion into foodservice. Yes, restaurants are knocking on our door!

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Starting this business has been a humbling experience intensified by the number of people that have shown us that they believe in our success. In retrospect, we realize that the kindness of others is what moved us forward. We want to be able to grow Screamin’ Onionz so that we’ll be in a position to give back to society, whether by employing others that need a lift, by donating to a charity that helps to cover expenses during family emergencies, or by any of a thousand other worthwhile ways.

With your help now we can grow our business and take it all the way! Barbara Walters once said, “Without opportunity we’ll never know success”. Please help give us this opportunity to be successful.

Thank you all for your support!

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Time To Stock Up

We need to increase our production so we can keep our new distributor supplied with sufficient inventory. The best-case scenario is if we could have a few months of inventory ready to go! Richard and the distributor will sell and demonstrate in stores, while Alicia will coordinate inventory, production runs, and online orders.

Thanks so much for helping us reach this stepping-stone!
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Spread The Word!

To continue our growth, we need to increase our marketing and invest in the resources needed to improve social media outreach. We also need to expand our website, improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and continue an aggressive sampling calendar. Committing time and resources to charities, festivals, and food and wine events is also very important to us.

3rd stepping-stone
Now Accepting Applications!

We have done a great job so far, but now we need to increase our visibility with the help of a great team of individuals that really love Screamin’ Onionz and want to get the word out. We have been fortunate to have a list of folks who love us and really, really want to be a part of our growing company – they’re ready to come onboard just as soon as we can use them!

Who is Screamin' Onionz
Richard + Alicia Romano
CEO + Co-Founders

In 2013, I lost my job without warning, and my wife Alicia was pregnant at the time. In January 2014, our son Adrian was born 13 weeks early, weighing a mere 1 pound and 14 ounces. Needless to say, he had a few tough months in NICU. The emotional strain and financial worry were almost unbearable. We figured that we couldn’t go any further backwards, but moving forward seemed so far away.

One day, Alicia said that we needed to make a serious life change. For years I had helped other people realize their dreams by opening and running their restaurants in Manhattan. Alicia said that it was time to make OUR dreams come true! It was a big leap, but we decided to divide and conquer: Alicia would concentrate on Adrian’s growth, and I would start a company to capitalize on that spicy onions idea that I had thought of years before.

With a small tax return in hand, I rented a stove in the back of a restaurant and set to work on certifications, licenses, scheduled processes, food lab analysis, and USDA approvals. We chose to name our company Aha! American Healthy Appetite, and focus on making good food. By June 2014, I began to jar up our first batch of Screamin’ Onionz. Throughout that summer and fall, I produced over 2,500 jars by hand and sold them at local farmers’ markets, fairs, and festivals. Feedback from folks was fantastic and informative – it helped us formulate our product line. Over the winter of 2014-2015, we fine-tuned Screamin’ Onionz, changed our labels, and found the right co-packer to help us move forward. In May 2015, less than a year after our first packing, we launched into stores.

Being in a position where we didn’t know how we would move our lives forward is a reality that I hadn’t known before. What we learned was that you can’t judge others without knowing their story, and that some have it harder than us. Opening a restaurant for others when there is a seemingly unlimited budget is powerful. But starting a business with a few dollars and growing quickly is personally empowering and inspiring to others. It makes you want to help people that need it. We have had so much help along the way, whether it was the purchase of a jar of Screamin’ Onionz, kind words from our fans, or great advice from other brand owners.

In the future, we will start our own charity that gives to those who feel they have reached the end of their ropes. A charity which picks people up when they need it the most, and supports a foundation that will continue to help long after we are gone.

Thank you for supporting Screamin’ Onionz – we couldn’t do it without you!

Richard + Alicia

Your Gifts for Contributing
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Your First Taste - To Go!

We are really excited for you to try Screamin’ Onionz, so we want to be the ones to give you your first jar as a thank you for your amazing contribution! Prepare a delicious portable meal using Screamin’ Onionz, and while you travel to your destination, you can keep it cool or warm in the insulated lunch bag that we’ll also send you.

Shipping in the contiguous US only.

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Contribution of $50 or more
Invite Friends Over

Good food is always the center of great times, and we want you to have lots of those. To help make that happen and to thank you for your incredible support, we’ll give you 3 jars of Screamin’ Onionz, an insulated lunch bag, and a logo apron to wear while you prepare something delicious with Screamin’ Onionz. Don’t forget to share those dinner pics with us on Instagram: #screaminonionz + #piesheller

Shipping in the contiguous US only.

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Contribution of $100 or more
A Screamin' Good Time!

When you contribute at this level, we’ll send you 3 jars of Screamin’ Onionz, an insulated lunch bag, a logo apron, an oven mitt, and a silicone spatula. We fully believe that you deserve it all! Keep it or share it – that’s up to you. It’s a small token of our appreciation for your support to help get Screamin’ Onionz to the next level.

Shipping in the contiguous US only.

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