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About this project

For the past year, The Cookie Cups has been baking in kitchens in and around Minneapolis in order to bring our customers the flavors they want for their events and their families. We have been a valued special vendor at several local farmers’ markets and festivals in the Minneapolis area, working around the clock to bake during limited hours in our temporary space to be able to make enough Cookie Cups to meet the demand.

Picture of Nicole and friends

It can be incredibly challenging to use someone else’s commercial-grade kitchen where you only have an allotted time frame to bake the volume of Cookie Cups needed, to frost them all, and still be able to sell them fresh the next morning. But, we make it happen, and we deliver our fresh-baked Cookie Cups daily – now we are ready for a change!

Manufacturing the cookie cups

With your support, The Cookie Cups will be able to establish a bakery shop of our own. Somewhere we can bake on our own terms and during our own hours, without having to try and work around other businesses’ schedules.

In addition, we want The Cookie Cups bakery shop to be a place where our customers can come and enjoy their favorite flavors of Cookie Cups in an atmosphere that makes them feel at home. Customers can come, taste, and figure out which flavors they want at their wedding, anniversary, or holiday event. They can pick out gifts for their family members, and they can relax with a Cookie Cup and a fresh cup of coffee right in our own store.

Cookie cups with candles

Reaching all three of our stepping-stones, for a total of $15,000, will help us purchase the appliances to build our kitchen, build out the space with fixtures, and design and print our signage of The Cookie Cups beautiful designs.

As someone who has been baking and cooking with my family for my whole life, I have experienced the magic that happens when people come together in the kitchen, and I know that when The Cookie Cups opens the doors to our first retail bakery location, our customers will be able to experience that magic as well!

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1st stepping-stone
Build our kitchen!

These funds will be used to purchase the necessary appliances to build out our new commercial kitchen in the space. We will need a commercial-grade convection oven, a large mixer, commercial refrigerator/freezer combination, a commercial range burner, and 6-foot work tables.

Thanks so much for helping us reach this stepping-stone!
2nd stepping-stone
Fixtures, Tables, Chairs - and More!

We need these funds in order to build fixtures that will fit in our new space. We’re talking counters, cabinets, tables, chairs, shelving, and a bar. Some of these fixtures will need to be custom-built.

3rd stepping-stone
Graphic Design and Printing!

For our third goal, we will be expanding on The Cookie Cups designs to fit the retail storefront location. We will need menus and signage for the inside and outside of the space that will help our existing customers feel right at home, and help bring in customers who don’t know us. This funding will cover the creation of our designs, as well as the cost of printing them.

Who is The Cookie Cups
Nicole Bandklayder

My name is Nicole Bandklayder, and I am the creator of Cookie Cups. In 2013, I left my full-time job in New York City to build my own marketing firm and embark on my entrepreneurial journey. However, along the way, I found my true passion!

One day in 2014 I was baking in my kitchen for Father’s Day, but I couldn’t find the right pan to bake my chocolate chip cookies. I noticed a mini cupcake pan that had never been used lurking in the back of my cabinet, and thought to myself, “That could work.” A little risk went a long way, because that day Cookie Cups were born!

I worked on a logo with my graphic designer, began my research and development of flavors, and researched and decided on packaging for this product line. We have 10 flavors to date that are all natural and nut-free; gluten-free options are also available. Our fruit flavors are all made with real fruit.

The Cookie Cups officially launched on May 15, 2015, which is also National Chocolate Chip Day! We began selling online and at local farmers’ markets in the Minneapolis area, which is really where I began to understand what I had created by seeing the reactions from our customers.

The original idea for The Cookie Cups was to create an innovative twist on “Cookies and Milk”, and what happened was so much more. The Cookie Cups is more like a revival. Cookies are fun again! They bring smiles, laughter, and they make everyone happy! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for The Cookie Cups once we have a proper location to grow and thrive as we share our creations with the world.

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